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Best Smart Lock for AirBnB and Short Term Rentals.

Updated: Mar 18

How do you feel about keys?

Are you still using the old school lock box? Like this. Do you guests ever lose keys?

Do you have to constantly worry about safety of your home?

Well, for some time now there has been a perfect solution to your worries on the market: Smart Locks.

One thing that you guests need to worry less about is how to get into your rental.

Accommodating your guests with is a seamless check in process is a KEY to a good review.

For that I highly recommend that you purchase one of the smart locks. There are a lot of locks out there in the market but no worries we did the research for you.

First and foremost we wanted to make sure that the smart lock actually has an actual keyhole so you always has an option to open the door the old fashion way. Batteries die, technology no matter how expensive it is break and just in case you want to be able to open the door without calling a locksmith.

Secondly, we made sure that there is no need to sign up for monthly subscription service (yes, there are locks that will charge you monthly to get inside of your home, don't ask)

Third, the ability to automate the process with Airbnb was a definite sell point.

After countless hours of searching we found the winner!

Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Deadbolt - Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, HomeKit, Airbnb and More - Satin Nickel


- 3 ways to enter: unlock through the app, punch in the code or use the physical key

- no subscription fees

- safe technology

- includes DoorSense, a sensor that lets you know if your door is open or closed

- ability to track when the door opens and closes

- assign multiple codes for different people

- assign codes that will automatically expire after certain period

- if your guests cancel the reservation the code is automatically cancelled

- it also comes with variety of colors to match your door


- Price might be a factor but it is certainly a good investment.

With Yale Assure lock the Airbnb integration is incredibly streamlined and efficient. Once linked to my Airbnb account, it automatically creates temporary pin codes for the specific days the guests booked for. On the day they leave, the pin no longer works. No need to worry about keys.

And what kind of lock do you use on your rentals? Leave a comment below what you like and do not like about it.

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