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The best mattress for your Airbnb

What is the must have for your vacation rentals? A bed. Unless you choose some alternative sleeping arrangements, you are most likely in the market for a bed and the mattress.

And have you ever shopped for the mattress. We have and that is an absolute torture. Luckily, you are not buying the mattress for yourself and you will not get stuck sleeping on it for a number of years. You only have to pick a mattress that has a pretty good quality for your guests to sleep on and won't break your budget.

Keeping this in mind we will focus on three main things. We want the mattress to be affordable, durable and easy to clean. Let’s be honest, not all guests you have are super tidy. For that reason, I highly recommend investing in mattress cover that you can easily toss in the washer (but that is the story for another blog).

In terms of the comfort, obviously it will be impossible to please every single guest that you have, but as a general rule we recommend that you choose medium or medium firm mattress. You don’t want you mattress to be too soft and neither do you want it to be too hard.

So here is our best bet for a vacation rental:

TUFT & NEEDLE - Original Adaptive Foam Mattress


- It is comfortable and fully supportive.

- It has cooling effect, so your guests will not get too hot .

- The price is great.

- You get a 100 Day Trial with Amazon (in case you are completely unsatisfied).

- Unpacking is super easy. The mattress just “comes alive”.

- The mattress cleans very easily.

- And it is made in the USA.


- Some customers complained about backpain, but most of the cases were after long-term use which is highly unlikely in the case of vacation rentals.

- Other common complaint was about poor edge support. So read on.

TUFT & NEEDLE does have a higher priced option available which is advertised to have 4 inches of extra-firm foam around the bottom foam layer for extra edge support:

TUFT & NEEDLE Mint Mattress - Extra Cooling Adaptive Foam with Ceramic Gel Beads and Edge Support - Supportive Pressure Relief

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